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Senior Medical Director

Singapore, North East, Singapore

Job description

Who are we?

With a vision of making an impact on Asia’s healthcare landscape, by making healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable to all, Speedoc seeks to provide a full suite of tech-enabled healthcare services on demand including doctors, nurses, allied care professionals, ambulances

and medication delivery. By centralising services, current urgent and medical-care are built on outdated access and communication models. Providers lose the fundamental aspect of health: to reduce total impact to the Patient. With the ageing population to address and improved access to technology, Speedoc built a complete end-to-end system for doctors and patients, so that house call doctor services can be provided with ease to people in the community. With Speedoc's emphasis on cost-effectiveness and modern medical devices, home medical services need not be limited to only immobile or bed bound patients but to everyday people who may require GP or urgent-care services.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Senior Medical Director. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.


Management Duties

  • Recruiting and managing doctors

  • Examine, evaluate and guarantee medical quality

  • Ensure training and continuing education of medical staff

  • Liaising and enhancing relationships with all departments

  • Updating, amending, and replacing medical policies and SOP’s

  • Ensuring staff and company’s compliance with regulations and codes

  • Maintain personal qualifications as a licensed GP in Singapore

  • Liaising and maintaining relationships with external agencies and stakeholders such as MOH, public and private hospitals, specialists, nursing homes and other agencies as relevant


  • Evaluate, develop and where appropriate, support the development of new concepts and products

  • Analyze and help determine the most appropriate route for commercialisation of innovative products and services

  • Carry out market research and market entry feasibility studies, in support of the assessment of the clinical or commercialisation potential of innovation

  • Undertake searching of published patent documents, and existing technology, in support of the assessment of the originality of the innovation and its clinical or commercialisation potential

  • Lead and manage innovation projects from beginning to the end when required

Job requirements


  • Minimum 15 years working experience in a healthcare industry, with at least 10 years experience in clinical medicine.

  • Analytical and quantitative (written & verbal). Excellent communication skills, inter-personal skills and be a good team player and understands team dynamics.

  • Service oriented, customer focused and is able to show a track record of good service performance.

  • Data analytics skills

  • Motivated and able to manage pressure, takes initiative.

  • Able to project a professional image and be a role model for the team.

  • Possess a cheerful disposition and is optimistic about challenges.